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  • Direct and lead the chapter’s overall strategy.
  • Be aware of and understand the AMA’s administrative practices.
  • Work with the President-Elect to prepare the Chapter for the following year.
  • Fiscal responsibility to Board and Members.
  • Facilitate monthly Board meetings and board retreats.
  • Ensure submission of all documentation to AMA-IH in a timely manner.
  • Oversee all activities of the chapter throughout the fiscal year.


  • Perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
  • Attend the AMA Leadership Summit in preceding year
  • Work with the President on an individual basis to scope out the specific duties for this position.

Immediate Past President

  • Advise the President and other Board members as needed.
  • Lead the following year’s Board of Directors Nominating Committee.
  • Oversee the CEA entry due to IH in August following the presidential term (if desired by Board).


  • Prepare and submit meeting minutes.
  • Prepare Annual Report.
  • Document Chapter history.
  • Prepare CEA entry (if desired by Board).
  • Be project manager for the Chapter events to make sure all activities are covered in a timely manner.


  • Submit monthly and annual financial reports.
  • Maintain financial records.
  • File tax return.
  • Check in guests at meetings and programs.
  • Provide monthly updates on financial standing to the board.
  • Create pricing strategy for events and programs.
  • Preparation of the annual budget.


  • Must be familiar with AMA membership procedures, membership material, and membership reports on the Chapter Reports Portal.
  • Lead spring and fall membership campaigns.
  • Check in guests at meetings and programs.
  • Lead all networking events.
  • Organize monthly phone calls.
  • Responsible for attendance, retention and group membership metrics.


  • Lead all monthly program event planning and execution.
  • Secure speakers or program content leaders.
  • Prepare speaker’s information form, marketing materials and deliverables, and overall program content with speaker(s).
  • Organize and coordinate speaker travel arrangements (local or otherwise).
  • Secure and manage program venue.
  • Oversee programming committee.
  • Responsible for chapter satisfaction scores on program surveys and the number of months in advance the programs are confirmed.

Event Management

  • Leads on-site event planning and execution.
  • Organize and coordinate speaker travel arrangements (local or otherwise).
  • Secure and manage program venue and logistics.
  • Secure and oversee event volunteers

Marketing Communications

  • Manage creative for monthly meetings, biannual events and networking events
  • Place chapter ad copy in key publications
  • Manage all signage and printed collateral
  • Be brand manager for the chapter brand.
  • Oversee Marketing and Social Media Committees
  • Responsible for social media fans and followers in relation to the degree of conversation created.
  • Responsible for measuring the number of attendees to events from each medium.
  • Draft all chapter copy (program descriptions, collateral material copy, mailings, templates, press releases, phone scripts, etc.).
  • Manage and build media relations.
  • Pitch media on story ideas.
  • Send out press releases and calendar alerts in advance of events; then, follow up with media for coverage.

Strategic Alliances

  • Selecting and securing alliances and sponsors to subsidize chapter operating budget.
  • Create sponsorship sell sheets for chapter use.
  • Promote sponsorship to other board members and chapter.
  • Secure in-kind sponsorships for operations needs (venues, food/bev, printing, postage, promotional items, ad placement, administrative expenses, etc.).
  • Work closely with VPs of Programming and Membership to find sponsorships for events.
  • Responsible for measuring sponsorship dollars and in-kind donations generated.

Research & Analytics

  • Design, execute and compile the results of the ongoing member and board member satisfaction surveys.
  • Manage, distribute and collect surveys after each program as directed.
  • Monitor web analytics (Google Analytics, and myemma response data and tracking data, EventBrite, Facebook Analytics etc.).
  • Assist in data management of member/prospect database.
  • Measure metrics created and supply results to various board members.
  • Report back on learning points from surveys and metrics.

Community Relations

  • Oversees all relationships with charitable organizations and community resource organizations
  • Set up and coordinate chapter charity events.
  • Oversee chapter holiday charity event/program.
  • Maintain relationships with local nonprofit organizations.
  • Assist Secretary in managing volunteer resources for the chapter.
  • Responsible for measuring the $ or time spent on other nonprofits.

Collegiate Relations

  • Maintain communication and organize events between JAMA and UNFAMA.
  • Facilitate participation opportunities for students at JU, FSC, UF and other institutes of higher learning.
  • Keep university faculty members informed of chapter activities and needs.
  • Responsible for measuring the number of students who convert to full members after graduation.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Focuses on recruiting and engaging volunteers.
  • Works with directors to understand their volunteer needs.
  • Helps to assess new volunteers and connect them with the board of directors.

Special Project Support

  • Provides general support for JAMA projects and events as assigned by Board and/or Committees.
  • Assist with Speaker outreach as needed or directed.
  • Assists with on-site events as available and requested by Vice President, Event Management.

Board Advisor

  • Provides strategic input to the Board leadership.
  • Assists with new member outreach and industry relations.