Robert Zinsser


Robert has proven success helping organizations succeed through developing their people. He applies his business development skills in situational analysis to identify needs and leverage skill building as a springboard to innovation, best practices, productivity, and sales skills development. By his peers, he is known for accepting challenging projects while developing a process to achieve desired results.

Robert has over 38 years of experience in several roles that include Regional Sales Executive, Key Client Management, and General Manager of a large Financial Services unit with focus on developing a client management group and sales development. He provides individual evaluation, ideas and coaching for desired results. He grew up in a sales world drastically different than the world of sales today and has adapted for success, this provides his clients with a resource for aligning their approach and sales efforts for the most effective path.

Get In The Game SE provides services to build businesses with a system to achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity. Robert has worked with individuals and companies in a variety of markets with many unique business challenges. He works with salespeople across diverse industries by implementing a sales process that supports prospecting, provides structure, and improves performance that drives revenue growth. Robert also delivers a targeted program for groups that want to explore the challenges that companies face in today’s difficult sales environment.

Robert Zinsser has written his first book which is Co-Authored and entitled “Out Of Time” and was published in November 2016. Robert earned his MBA from Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA, and his BS in Business Administration from Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, PA. He is a member of the Jacksonville American Marketing Association and Past President of the Association for Talent Development.

Robert’s Contact Info:

Robert W Zinsser, MBA

President, Get In The Game SE   

904-472-3706 (C)