Content is Kween

Content is Kween.

Using a Creative Team Approach to Getting More Out of Content Marketing.

Communications and marketing teams spend a lot of time developing ideas and pursuing content. Often this can occur in silos and reduce the amount of mileage you can get from content you’ve spent hours on. We’ll provide ideas and examples in creating content to use and repurpose for multiple mediums. Learn how to get the most from thinking creatively and collaborating as a team.

When: Friday, Sep 18, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Where: Zoom

Cost: FREE!

Join us … it will be fun and informative. We cant wait to see you all there!

Karel Danzie 
Account Executive at Station Four

A hustler with swag, Karel’s customer advocacy takes a unicorn approach, mixing equal parts style, substance and jene sais quoi. There is the traditional method of doing things, and then there’s the Karel way.
Karel Danzie’s path to becoming an account executive was not your typical yellow brick road. Initially, she wanted to be the director of photography for a major movie studio. To do that, she had to head west, first to San Antonio, Texas and then to Denver, Colorado. Love brought her back to Jacksonville, she worked with News4Jax as a photojournalist then jumped into the government sector as multimedia coordinator with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). With JTA, Karel produced award-winning videos for their television program. Then relaunched their company newsletter “On The Move” and magazine “Momentum” which won several industry awards. She also managed JTA’s website redesign project with Station Four.
It’s those experiences that provide her with a unique perspective to the benefit of clients here at Station Four. Spend five minutes with Karel and it’s obvious she has an extraordinary mix of talents and is enthusiastic about producing a high quality product. In her spare time, her alter ego, Fancy Danzie designs swimwear and clothing. It’s another one of those life-long dreams soon to be actualized.

Natalie Spindle 
Project manager and health educator in the Division of Emergency Medicine Research at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville

A knowledgeable communicator with experience in the financial and health industries. With a background in public relations and marketing, Natalie has worked for 5+ years for health agencies at the state and federal level and most recently at UF Health Jacksonville. She is efficient and employs successful strategies, using her editing and marketing skills to advance any communications goals. She currently serves as a project manager and health educator in the Division of Emergency Medicine Research
at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville.