Destination Marketing: Connecting the Dots

Destination Marketing

Tourism in Jacksonville has a $2.2 billion impact on our local economy. Learn how this business is generated through Florida destination marketing.  This month’s topic is unique in that the marketing efforts of VISIT FLORIDA and Visit Jacksonville have a direct impact on your business. See how this impacts you locally and learn how you can apply the principles of destination marketing to your marketing strategies.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Discover what destination marketing is and how it impacts your business.
  • Learn effective techniques to gain awareness for your business.
  • Connect and Engage with many marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Gain Inspiration to apply to achieving your vision and goals.

About Our Speakers:

Brenna Dacks Marketing Solutions & Sales Manager VISIT FLORIDA Brenna started at VISIT FLORIDA in 2001 upon graduation from the University of Florida. Over the past 12 years, Brenna has embraced a variety of roles including meetings and conventions sales, Industry Relations and most recently Marketing Solutions. She resides in her hometown of Jacksonville where she and her husband, Jayson, enjoy spending time with their friends, family, 5 year old son (Jack), 9 month old daughter (Carson) and dog (Chula).   Kimberly Morgan Director of Development & Community Relations Visit Jacksonville Kimberly helps connect people to one of Jacksonville’s leading economic development engines: hospitality/tourism. Growing your business through tourism takes strategy and connections and Kimberly’s aim is to help others acheive that growth.