Coca-Cola & Meals: Collaborating with Partners for Mutual Success

JAMA - Heath Willis

Coca-Cola effortless meals.This month’s session will examine a case study on the “Effortless Meals” program, a special partnership with Coca-Cola and Walmart. You’ll learn ways to take your brand to the next level with key partners using a similar approach.

Coca-Cola and meals sound like a simple enough pairing however, the world’s largest retailer needed a shopper-centric solution while helping them promote an underutilized part of their store, the deli. “Effortless Meals,” a robust shopper-marketing program, was born. The program fully leverages shopper insights to drive an integrated marketing campaign that not only solves a key problem for the on-the-go mom, but is equally beneficial to both Coca-Cola and Walmart.

By leveraging multiple media touch points and solution driven destinations throughout the day, the program was able to reach the busy shopper mom. Coca-Cola was able to ensure their message not only resonated but also drove purchase. The results have been so good that it is being rolled out to multiple global Walmart markets.

Why You Should Attend:

The right partnership can take your business to the next level. Learn important lessons from a success corporate business partnership. Through leveraging insights, learn how understanding a customer’s needs and re-engaging internal forces can yield positive results for long-term success.

About Our Keynote Speaker

Heath Willis is the director of global shopper marketing for the Walmart Global Account Team at Coca-Cola Refreshments in Atlanta, GA. He is responsible for creating linkage and managing the global marketing relationship between the world’s largest retailer and the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Additionally, Heath develops programs that can be activated with shoppers worldwide such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and strategic platforms like Coke with Meals and Healthy Active Living.

He has been with Coca-Cola over 8 years in various roles of responsibility after previously working for Walmart Stores in Bentonville, AR as a category marketer in both the stores and divisions.

In his role with Walmart, he created the “Game Time” football platform, which is Walmart’s single largest multi-vendor, cross-category marketing program executed annually. Prior to that, Heath had led in organizations in a variety of industries ranging from internet marketing to transportation & logistics.

He and his wife, Brandi, live in Roswell, Georgia with his two sons Cameron (13) & Sully (5) and daughter Whitney (9). He is a 3-time marathon runner, rabid college, pro and European football fan and non-recovering binge-watching junkie.