Highlights from “Data Driven Brand Building” with Jaguars’ Steve Ziff

He was quick talking, enthusiastic, and very informative. Self-confessed left-brained Steve Ziff, VP of Jacksonville Jaguars Marketing and Digital Media, shared many of his insights with us last Tuesday morning.

Here are a few highlights:

1. The marketing team supports the sales team. Everything they do is with the intention to generate leads.

2. It is important to understand your own ROI.

3. You need to understand everyone in your data base. There are some great personality profiling technology tools out there such as  Crystal which help you get to know who visits your website. Then you can assess whether a person is ready to buy and what exactly they are interested in buying.

4. Native content is king.

5. Distribution is just as important as content.

6. You should have a marketing mission statement.

7. People like to be entertained.

8. Passion needs to fuel your business.

9. You need to understand the law of reciprocity: “If I give you something, I get something”. We can’t be greedy in front of our customers.

10. To add to that for us marketers to our customers/prospects: “I can only give you what you want if we learn about you and then we can give you what you want”.

11. Finally, none of the above can take place without the data. The data is what runs your marketing engine.

We would like to thank Steve for spending some time with us. It was great! Go Jags!