Highlights from the Power of Disruptive Marketing

Sharry Crammond

For those of us who were fortunate enough to attend JAMA’s breakfast event yesterday at the MOSH, we were treated to a great talk from Southeastern Grocer’s CMO, Sharry Cramond. If you were not able to make it, here are some highlights of her  information packed presentation.

We must learn how to cut through the noise.  

According to Sharry, Marketing exists to: drive trade, build the brand, and engage associates. In order to achieve these goals, as marketers we need to learn how to cut through through the noise. Why is this essential? The average American gets exposed to 1000 ads a day. 180 Billion dollars is spent on advertising in this country each year and 89% of all marketing communication is ignored. Of the remaining 11%, 4% of the messages are received positively and 7% negatively. It is interesting to note that Sharry says she would prefer to be reacted to in a negative way than to be ignored. At the very least, people will remember you.

This leads us to a very important point:

Our messages need to be memorable.

How do we do get people’s attention and then (even harder) get them to remember us? With all of the competing messaging to distract people with increasingly shorter attention spans that is a challenge.  Thankfully, we have Sharry’s straightforward advice.

Sharry Crammond1Our ads need to make an impact, clearly communicate, and persuade.

Sharry recommends we get creative and do things differently than our competitors. An example was given when Apple made their ear buds white instead of the customary black. Other examples that Sharry shared with us from her own Winn Dixie campaigns: $5.00 turkeys at Thanksgiving time, donating a day’s worth of profits to our veterans through the Wounded Warriors program, feeding a family of four for less than $10.00 with their recipe program, and rewriting Dolly Parton’s popular 9-5 song to support Winn Dixie’s lowering prices campaign.

All of these ideas were simple yet creative ways to cut through the noise. People remembered these campaigns. A great point that Sharry also made is this:

Viral messages are spread by people, not technology.

A few more final tips:

1. When coming up with a message, we need to ask ourselves “What are we famous for”?

2. Thinking differently can change your life.

3. An organization needs an inspirational leader who is passionate and strategic.

4. That leader knows that a company’s best brand ambassadors are the associates who know your customer the best.

5. Lastly, and it worth repeating: keep it simple. We marketers sometimes like to be clever. People may notice  fancy words but they will forget the actual message.  We then fall into the 89% of messaging that gets ignored. Oops!

We would like to thank Sharry Crammond for sharing her time and marketing wisdom with all of us.  Be sure to mark your calendars for our next JAMA event which will be on Thursday, May  26th at the  Jessie Ball DuPont Center. This will be another breakfast meeting with our guest speaker Al Perkinson, VP of Costa sunglasses. You can get more information and sign up at our website.  

Thank you! Feel free to make any comments or suggestions under this post.

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