May “Food for Thought” Speaker: Alejandro Barbero

Photo: L. Chris Kennelly, Incoming AMA Jacksonville President for the upcoming 2019-20 fiscal year; R. Alejandro Barbero

Alejandro Barbero, Rayonier Director of Strategic Development and Communication is a bold thinker who knows how to get things done. Twenty years of global experience has afforded him many opportunities to simplify complex ideas, ensuring they are well-crafted and properly implemented. 

Anyone who has ever undergone the rebranding of a company understands what a challenge a makeover can be. A true rebrand doesn’t just entail changing colors and updating a logo. The process is much more detailed and taxing when considering the company’s persona, positioning, and value proposition. Barbero and team not only updated Rayonier’s look and feel, they also clarified the company’s brand voice and strategy in engaging the community. 

Where ecology is concerned, the goal of many in forestry is simply to avoid negative press. Alejandro and his team took the opposite approach. Transparency is risky when discussing the environment and how a company is interacting with it. However, using social media as well as engaging with customers in interesting and impactful ways, Rayonier is changing the way forestry companies communicate with the public.

Storytelling was another strategy Barbero actualized at Rayonier. Review the brand standards or visit the website today (, and you’ll be met with clean, open graphics with a focus on the environment, responsibility, and community. The site and accompanying collateral speak with a voice that resonates with anyone who interacts with them. For Barbero, it wasn’t just about changing company colors. It was about developing and strengthening a company culture. 

When asked how he was able to get buy-in from senior leadership, Alejandro remarked that he used the exact same approach as he and his team use when considering how to engage investors, employees, and the community. Through transparency, storytelling, and top notch creative, he has been able to continuously build a level trust with executives that continue to move Rayonier forward. 

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Special thanks to Maple Street Biscuit company for catering this event.

For our June breakfast, we’re pleased to welcome Acosta. Vilma Consuegra, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Marketing will present, “The Integration of Marketing and Sales and How it Brings a Brand to Life”.

Ms. Consuegra will also be joined by April Kerlew, Director Internal Communications and Kirsten Barnhorst, Sr. Manager Corporate Marketing.

See you in June!