Measuring Marketing

Accountability in Marketing

Getting a Seat at the Table

It isn’t enough to conceive and execute a world-class marketing campaign. You need to communicate that success to the “C-Suite” of your corporation – especially the CEO, CFO and COO, who make budget decisions. It’s vitally important that you do so in a language they understand. Too often, marketing is perceived as a necessary evil that lacks the business acumen and “big picture” perspective to participate in executive management.

Why You Should Attend

Learn how to deliver significant value to your company through marketing return on investment and return on objectives methodologies and processes. Leverage all parts of your organization in order to optimize results from the broad array of current and potential marketing channels.

About Our Keynote Speaker

Raymond Bednar is the president and founder of Hyperion Marketing Returns – Rockefeller Consulting.

Prior to Hyperion Marketing Returns, Ray was the senior vice president and global sponsorships executive at Bank of America. Ray introduced and implemented an intensive return on investment and return on objectives methodology to the bank, allowing senior bank officials to better understand and participate in significant sponsorship investments.

Previously he was the CEO for PRISM North and South America, an agency in WPP, where he headed up the strategic consulting practice.  A recognized expert in ROI for sponsorship and marketing, he is the author of the published book, “Sponsorship’s Holy Grail” – winner of the prestigious WPP Atticus Award for strategic thought.  During his time with PRISM he developed comprehensive sponsorship strategies for clients such as DuPont, Xerox, HSBC and Samsung.

Prior to his joining PRISM, he was a general manager and president with GE where he gained extensive experience in the marketing application of Six Sigma.

Ray holds a BS from The United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.