Harnessing Your Workforce for Success

Chris Patterson, Interchanges

Chris Patterson, CEO, Interchanges

You don’t build a business, you build PEOPLE, and they in turn build and grow the business. Chris Patterson, founder and CEO of Jacksonville’s Interchanges will join us this month to discuss the power of the people behind your business.

Why you should attend:

Learn and get inspired by a Zig Ziglar certified speaker!  This session will touch on the importance of your internal resources and how all parties can get the most out of your respective efforts. We’ll discuss:

1) How to align company objectives to employee personal goals

2) Establishing a winning mindset in your culture

3) How to plan, prepare and WIN


About the Speaker

Chris Patterson, CEO, Interchanges

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Chris Patterson is the founder and CEO of Interchanges – a strategic marketing agency. His company is going on its 15th year of continued success and has generated over $1.2 billion in revenue for their clients.

Chris and his team also host the largest networking event in Jacksonville, FL called Interchanges Wednesdays. This event has a reach of over 25,000 business professionals in the North Florida region.

After studying the Ziglar philosophies for 20 years, Chris is one of the few who has been trusted to carry on the Ziglar Legacy with his Ziglar Legacy Certification.