Shift Your Brilliance

Simon T. Bailey

Shift Your Brilliance

Leadership imagineer and author, Simon T. Bailey will be presenting a dynamic and invigorating session with JAMA.

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“Shift Your Brilliance” happens when you find your own individual spark. This sets in motion a series of events, circumstances, situations and chance encounters that make an impact on the world. Achieving self-awareness is what makes it possible to move forward in your career, find new ways to solve old problems and positively affect everyone around you.

Why You Should Attend

In this inspiring and invigorating session, participants will engage head, heart and hands to create a sustainable action plan for improving their lives, departments and organization. They will learn how to:

  • Adopt new habits that will positively impact one’s team and company.
  • Leverage one’s energy and knowledge to maximize one’s career opportunities.
  • Create a clear picture of how to drive value in every economy.

All attendees will receive a FREE copy of the speaker’s book “Shift your Brilliance” – book signing to follow after the presentation.