Simon Says “Shift Your Brilliance”

Recently at the JAMA morning meeting, Simon T. Bailey came and delivered a brilliant speech that was both captivating and inspirational. When he and his daughter Madison arrived at the Fairfield Inn, you could feel the positive energy radiating from them. Add that energy to the already peppy JAMA breakfast crowd and we had a power boost to start our day.

Being Original and Owning It

Simon captivated the audience as he challenged us to make a decision to reflect, shake things up and make intentional efforts to Be Better. You may be thinking, “Be better at what?” Well that’s all relative to where you are in your life. You may be frustrated and yearning to do something more fulfilling with your life or you could have many things going for you already but may feel like things are getting too predictable. Either way Simon reminds us that we all have the opportunity to be brilliant but we have the tendency to get in a routine of habits, some good and some bad. By being mindful of what we’re doing and making conscious decisions to take actions on improvement you can learn to “Shift Your Brilliance.”

“Everything you need is already inside of you. Stop looking outside for what exists inside.” – Simon T. Bailey

There is No Better Time Than Now

Another interesting concept that Simon pointed out is that Moments can turn into Momentum which can lead to Monumental achievements. Each moment in our lives determines our future. The most critical moment is now, so if you have desires to achieve something you must take the needed actions NOW.

Declaring a Commitment to Take Action

As we ended the meeting we each chose something that we wanted to improve upon and shared it with the person next to us with the committment to follow up with that person to hold each other accountable for our goals of self improvement. Simon shared both his website and another online resource for us to get started. Each attendee also received a FREE copy of his book that he signed after the event.

Personally, my goal was to work towards applying more of the concepts and principles I have learned through books that I have read. Which I am doing now by Shifting My Brilliance.

What is your goal, what is something you are looking to improve on?

Get started Shifting Your Brilliance today by taking his 7 Day Challenge >>