So you want to be a JAMA volunteer…

Jacksonville Marketing Networker

Whether you are new to marketing, looking to make local connections or an established veteran ready to give back, volunteering with the Jacksonville Chapter of the American Marketing Association (JAMA) provides many enriching and fun opportunities to be involved. It is NOT required that you are an active member of the national AMA chapter to volunteer for your local chapter.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Volunteers can help at events or can help remotely online. Y

Here are the top reasons to volunteer with JAMA:

  1.  Make friends with potential new business connections. Volunteering requires collaboration with people with shared interests. That collaboration often results in budding friendships, as people often discover other things in common with Jacksonville’s finest marketing professionals.
  2. Diversify your experience. If you are fresh out of school or looking for a new professional experience to enhance your skillset, volunteering with JAMA will give you meaningful experience to put towards your career development.
  3. Pay it forward. As a JAMA volunteer, you will have opportunities to directly and indirectly impact the other marketing professionals as they navigate their career paths.
  4. Try something new. Stuck in a creative rut? Need a fresh take on an old problem? JAMA volunteers are creative, resourceful volunteers who seek to disrupt the norm by evolving programs and opportunities for their members.
  5. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to take on an ongoing commitment or just want to lend a helping hand at our monthly meetings, JAMA has a wide variety of opportunities that respect your time limitations and will keep your interest.
  6. Enhance your leadership skills. Committee work allows you to participate in important decision-making processes and could potentially lead to other positions either in your job or with the natoinal AMA.
  7. Do what you love or learn a new skill. We need help in a variety of areas: volunteer recruitment, graphic design, programming, social media, sponsorships, events, etc. Choose the area of JAMA that appeals to you!
  8. Earn exclusive perks: JAMA volunteers receive discounts to monthly programs and special events as result of their involvement in JAMA.

If you have any interest in volunteering with JAMA, please fill out our online volunteer form.

We hope you will join us!