Top 5 Benefits of Volunteering with JAMA

Jacksonville Marketing Networker

JAMA is an all volunteer non-profit organization with a vision to help engage, educate and cultivate successful marketers in North Florida. The organization strives to serve the community and is kept alive by the contributions and efforts of strong leaders in the community.

When you’re considering volunteering for an organization you may want to review the benefits of volunteering for that particular organization, to ensure it will be a Win/Win for both you and the organization. Below are the top 5 reasons for volunteering with JAMA.

  1. Increase Your Visibility & Expand Your Network
    When you’re looking to increase your visibility, get in the game and be part of the organization. Your visibility and credibility are both extended when you become a contributing member of a professional organization.
  2. Gain Fresh Perspectives & Experience
    One of the awesome aspects of JAMA is that it attracts a diverse collection of creative and logic-driven minds with an array of different skills and experiences. As an active member of JAMA, you are surrounding yourself with other professionals who are all aiming to collaborate to achieve a common goal.
  3. Develop Leadership Skills
    The Leadership opportunities in JAMA’s Board of Directors & Committees gives members many opportunities to develop and refine professional leadership skills. Successfully leading a team composed of diverse volunteers takes a different kind of leadership than traditional management positions.
  4. Cultivate Self Fulfillment
    One of the most personally rewarding things you can do with your life is use your special knowledge and skills to achieve results for a bigger purpose. When you help JAMA succeed you’re not just helping the chapter, you’re making a contribution to the success of all of the marketers in the community as well as the companies that they market. Your efforts as a JAMA volunteer make a large contribution to the business community and also to the families in Jacksonville.
  5. Have Fun & Receive
    And perhaps one of the simplest benefits is having FUN. JAMA is an organization that aims to have fun with our events and even in our operations! JAMA Volunteers also receive additional discounts on selected special events and promotions.

Are you ready to get involved as a Volunteer? Just fill out our online Volunteer form and one of our volunteers will reach out to you to continue the conversation.