Turning Ideas into Action: Invoke Your Inner Entrepreneur!

Steve Nudelberg

Moving Marketing Ideas From Inception Into Action

If you have ever wanted to get in to the heart and mind of an entrepreneur, this is your chance. Hear real time stories of success and failure, and what it takes to put yourself out there all the time. Innovative ideas and clear vision are just a part of what makes a successful venture, and this informative session will discuss personal branding, constant reinvention, and a never ending can-do spirit.

Why You Should Attend:

Learn how you can use some of the principles of entrepreneurship even if you are NOT an entrepreneur:

  • Turning ideas into action! (showcasing your entrepreneurial spirit is a MUST here)
  • Selling in ideas to business partners and consumers – how to help your audience see the potential and act on it!
  • The role of brand positioning and integrated marketing in successful go to market strategies

About Our Keynote Speaker

Steve Nudelberg is a serial entrepreneur.  As a product of his entrepreneurial spirit, he developed On the Ball – a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses to help them grow.

Inspiration for the company name was derived from the feedback Steve received from business associates, claiming that he was always ‘on the ball’. The core philosophy is rooted in that what we know and who know can help your business grow.

Starting out in the cellular phone industry in the 1980s provided the foundation for Steve’s future entrepreneurial success.

After building and leading a winning national sales team for ABC Cellular, Steve found himself at a crossroad.  In between jobs, he started receiving requests for him to match companies and personalities to sponsorship opportunities, primarily in the sports arena.  This gave birth to the idea of founding his own marketing company which offered arrangemanship, brand identity, sales training as well as other services.

Today, the company focuses on investing time and talent into business ventures to help them grow.  On The Ball receives compensation from clients in three ways:

1) Fee

2) Incentive

3) Equity

The firm’s exponential growth can be credited to an expertise in all things sales-related and a strategic commitment to being experts in social media.